E-Scooter Sharing
in Minsk
Download the app, find a scooter nearby and start your ride
E-scooters are a fun and easy way to get around the city:
to drop by all your favorite places when going out with friends
to ride for short distances and not waste time looking for a parking lot
to get from metro to
your office or home

to show your foreign
friends around
Open the app to start a ride
Find a scooter nearby
Scan the QR code
on the handlebar
Put on a helmet
See the map within the Eleven app for it.
The scooter will unlock – now you can start a ride
Be mindful of your safety.
Draw the kickstand in, kick off and press the throttle
Enjoy your ride!
Ride around all the city centre

per minute
0.3 BYN
to unlock
E-scooters allow to get there fast. And they're way more fun than other public transport!
Finished riding? Leave the e-scooter wherever convenient
Tap "End Ride"
in the app
Park the e-scooter near a bike rack or some other public space
Use the app to take a photo of the parked e-scooter's
Make sure it doesn't block other vehicles or pedestrians.
This way our support will be sure everything is OK.
Now the e-scooter is locked.
What make are Eleven e-scooters?
Xiaomi M365, the winner of Red Dot Award 2017:Best of the Best.
What we especially like is their air-inflated wheels
which make a ride really comfortable.

Who's responsible for their charging and maintenance?
Our team is –we collect the e-scooters, check if they're in order, and take them to charge.
Where to ride?
Around the city centre, along the Pobediteley avenue up to
Lebyazhy Waterpark. You can see the whole territory in the app.
Rules and Safety
Who can use Eleven?
Anyone who's at 18+ years old. All you need is to download our app and add a card to pay.
When is the service available?
Every day, 24/7
Where to ride?
On sidewalks, in bike lanes and other places that traffic rules allow.
Where to park?
Best is in public bike racks – an e-scooter won't stand in anyone's way, and next rider will find easily. You can also park an e-scooter in other public places, but make sure it doesn't block other vehicles or passer-bys.

OK to park:
• near a bike rack
• near offices
• near shopping malls
• in parks

Not OK to park:
• on private territory
• in closed parkings
• in narrow passages
• in entrance halls of living buildings
• in underpasses
• under bridges

Remember to lock the scooter by scanning the QR code – otherwise the ride is not finished, and you will continue being charged.
What are the do's of safe riding?
Follow traffic rules. Remember that you're a road user – just like car drivers, bike riders, pedestrians, which means you're responsible both for your own and others' safety. If you're tired or unwell, you'd better not start a ride.

Wear a helmet. Be mindful of your safety.
And what are the don'ts?
To ride safely, there're some things that you must not do:

• no riding with two people per one e-scooter
• no riding in the rain or strong wind
• no riding one-handed
• no riding down steep hills
• no hanging heavy items on a handlebar
• no loading an e-scooter with heavy things over 110 kg
• no jumping off obstacles
• no racing or performing tricks
• no riding drunk
• no folding e-scooters
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